Posture I - Digital Download

Posture I - Digital Download

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Posture I - Digital Download

We feel honored to welcome this beautiful abstract piece created especially for Collectiv Co. by talented artist Shana Blakely.

Of her work, Shana says, "For the past year my inspiration has been to make sense of the forms and functions of our bodies--a rather spiritual journey that began in the weeks following the stillbirth of my firstborn son. Creating has been cathartic for me, and provides a sense of meaningful quietness in my life. I'm inspired by the natural world, by fashion, by the hues of color, by solitude. My process has been one of constructing figures through reduction--reduction of shape and of color. My work is a contrast to the notion of the infinite color field, as my color fields are contained." We are so excited to offer this special piece of artwork and know it will be treasured in your home. 

Instructions: YOU ARE PURCHASING A DIGITAL PRODUCT, NO PHYSICAL PRODUCT WILL BE MAILED. You will be emailed a link to download the high-res image (offered in 3 ratios) immediately after your purchase. Follow the instruction in the e-mail to easily download the high-res image. You are free to print the image any size you would like. 

Dimensions: You will receive this print in 3 ratios:

  • 2:3 ratio - No cropping required for frames sized 12x18, 20x30, 24x36, etc
  • 4:5 ratio - No cropping required for frames sized 8x10, 16x20, 24x30, etc
  • 5:6 ratio - No cropping required for frames sized 20x24, etc 

Disclaimer: Image copyright belongs to Collectiv Co. Selling the digital or printed version of this image is illegal and strictly prohibited.